Chapter One: Intro

I looked over at Danny Cunnings. I have known him for seven years and have loved him for five of those years. He moved here to Philadelphia Pennsylvania from St. Louis Missouri in sixth grade and from the moment we met we were best friends; we clicked. But in eighth grade I realized I liked him and that like turned into love as it typically does. But when we went to high school as freshmen, suddenly he wasn’t my best friend. He wouldn’t really talk or hang out with me. We grew apart and we are just friends now.

Danny has medium length black hair with side bangs, electric blue eyes, tall, muscular, has a lip ring on the right side of his lip, and kind of pale; it works for him. At the moment he was wearing a black hoodie, blue skinny jeans, black and white studded belt, white and black vans, and of course his silver necklace he never took off.

He is considered punk, but he is also a skater and he’s popular.  He doesn’t really know what he wants to do when he gets older, but he has a lot of talent. He is in a band called The Scorpion Paradise, he plays guitar, sings, and occasionally plays drums. He's an amazing basketball and football player. He's also a great swimmer and acts. I think he'd be great at whatever he decides to do.

My name is Angela, Angela Jackson. I have long black scene hair, dark green eyes, I’m slightly tan, medium height, a silver lip ring on the left side of my lip, and very fit. At the moment I’m wearing a long sleeve black Bullet For My Valentine shirt, gray skinny jeans, black and red Skater Nike shoes, my thin silver chain necklace, and my silver chain hanging of my belt loop.
I’m punk and I also skateboard, but I play other sports too, which includes dancing. Singing, playing instruments, and dancing are my life; anything that has to do with music. I'm gonna be a musician when I get older.

I looked back over at Danny and saw his girlfriend for a year, Tiana walk over to him, lean down, and kiss him. I could see their tongues and I felt like I was going to gag.

Tiana has long, curly blonde hair, bright blue green eyes, medium height, tan, and thin; really thin. She is a total prep; I mean I don’t really have problems with preps, but she is different. She oh my god-ed at everything. I don’t see what Danny sees in her. Hey, I’ve heard of opposites attract, but this is ridicules! She broke the kiss and started to talk to him.

I had a flashback of when I first found out about the real Tiana. It was two months after Tiana and Danny had started dating. I walked into the girl’s bathroom during fifth period with my pass and saw Tiana and an exchange student from Italy, Antonio making out. I gasped and tried to get out without them noticing, but I wasn’t so lucky and they looked up.

“Angela!” Tiana exclaimed. I glared at her and walked out of the room. “Wait! Please don’t tell Danny!” She pleaded. I stopped and looked at her. “Why shouldn’t I?” I asked. “Because…well…why should you? Your not best friends anymore.” She said. I looked at her and I could feel the tears well up, but didn’t let them close to surfacing. “Either way, I still care about him and he deserves to know that you’re cheating on him.” I claimed. She gave me a weird look, then scowled. “I always knew I didn’t like you. I swear if you tell him, you’ll regret it.” She threatened. I glared at her. “I’m not scared of you.” I said, no fear whatsoever. “Do not tell him.” She repeated. She walked away.

She is my only enemy, the only one in the whole school that didn’t like, or at least tolerate me and I didn’t like or tolerate either. I looked back over to them and she was still talking. He seemed to be interested and that’s all she saw, but in his eyes I could see annoyance. Of course she didn’t notice, cause she didn’t love him like I did. I felt tears fill my eyes; I blinked them away and turned to my three best friends.

Lora was sitting on my right. She has medium length black scene hair, pale brown eyes, tall, muscular, and part Asian. She is a major athlete; basketball and soccer are her main sports. She says she is gonna be in the NBA when she gets older and is gonna retire that to be a soccer coach. She is pretty smart; math and language arts are her worst subjects.

Next to Lora is Gary. He has short, blonde hair that he left messy, dark blue eyes, tall, and a slight build. Skateboarding and writing poetry is his life. We used to date, but we broke up because we felt more like friends then boyfriend and girlfriend. He is dating Lora now and they’ve been a couple for six months now. They are perfect together.

Across the table from me is Iliac. He has shoulder length dark brown hair that is almost black, black eyes, short, tan, and kind of weak looking; he so isn’t though. You don’t mess with him or anyone he cares about, he knows how to stand up for himself. He has a boyfriend named Conner, yes he's gay. So as you can see, I’m the only one in the group that isn’t in a relationship. Music is his life and he says he’ll be a rock star when he gets older.

In fact the four of us are in a rock band together. I sing and play guitar, Iliac plays guitar and sometimes keyboard, Lora plays the bass, and Gary plays the drums. They all sing back up. We call ourselves, The Angel’s Rebellion.

“What’s wrong?” Lora asked. She always knows when I;m upset. “Danny.” I mumbled quietly. I said it so quietly that I knew she didn’t hear me. But she was good at reading lips and apparently she knew what I said, judging by her facial expression. “Hun, you need to get over him.” She said. I nodded in agreement. I frowned and Iliac looked at me with a slight hint of anger.

“Babe! That’s it! Me, you, after school, mall, boy shopping!” He exclaimed. I looked up at him from my eyelashes and laughed. “What?” He asked. “Nothing, ok, I’ll come.” I agreed. He smiled. “Good.” He said happily. By the look on his face he was satisfied with his work.

I looked over at Lora and saw her and Gary making out. “Really?” I asked with a half annoyed half joking tone. They broke apart and laughed a little. “Sorry, didn’t know you were here.” Gary taunted me. I laughed, got up, and nudged him playfully.

“See you guys later.” I said, walking away to my fourth period class; choir. I waited for the bell to ring and it finally did. The teacher unlocked the door and I was about to go in, but I heard someone call my name. I turned and looked behind me; it was Danny. We have every class together.

“Oh, hi.” I mumbled. He finished the last steps and smiled at me. “How you doing?” He asked. “I’m ok, I guess.” I replied. He raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?” He asked. Sometimes he knew me so well.

“Its just…there is this guy I really like and it seems like he will never love me back.” I mumbled. “Well, then he’s an idiot, if he doesn’t know that he’d be lucky to have you, he must be.” He said. I laughed. He just insulted himself. He looked at me weird. “What’s so funny?” He asked. “Oh, um, just remembered a joke from yesterday. But I mean I don’t know if you’re right, but thanks for trying to help.” I explained, half lying.

“We should get in class.” He announced. I nodded in agreement and he opened the door for me. I smiled at him and walked in. I saw Lora, Iliac, and Gary already in their seats. Iliac pointed to a seat by him and I walked over to him.

“Hello sweetie.” He said. I smiled. “Hey bud-dy!” I exclaimed. He chuckled. “So what was that about?” He asked. I looked over at Danny. He was sitting by two of his best friends; Larry and Ramon.

Ramon is Chinese, has black hair that he changes all the time, medium height, has brown eyes, and very muscular.

He has a crush on me and I have already rejected him. I haven’t really dated anyone seriously since I had fallen in love with Danny.

He is really cool though. He is hilarious, he always jokes around and you can rarely tell if he's serious about something or not. He wants to be a comedian when he gets older and if he doesn’t do that he wants to be an electrician. He loves taking things apart and putting them back together.He’s a member of Danny’s band; he plays drums and sings backup.

Larry is part Mexican, he has shoulder length black hair with side bangs, he has black eyes, a soft face, tall, and slightly muscular.

He is all over becoming an arts teacher or professional artist. He draws so good! His drawings are life like. I think he can make it big with skills like that. He's also a member of Danny's band; he plays bass. He doesn’t sing though. 

As I looked at Danny, Larry turned, saw me, and smiled. I smiled back and then looked back at Iliac. “He wanted to know why I was in a bad mood.” I answered. “What did you say?” He asked. “I said there is this guy I really like and it seems he will never love me back.” I repeated. “What did he say?” He asked curiously. I laughed slightly. “Well, then he’s an idiot, if he doesn’t know that he’d be lucky to have you, he must be.” I answered. He chuckled. “He just insulted himself!” He exclaimed. “That’s what I was thinking.” I said with a smile.

He nodded, but didn’t say anything cause class was starting. After class I met up with Lora, Gary, and Iliac. “So, band practice after the mall?” I asked. “For sure!” Iliac exclaimed. Gary and Lora nodded with excited smiles. We really loved to play and loved that we were all in the band together. I walked to my next class.

The day was almost over and soon Iliac and I would be boy shopping.