Songs That Were Used Or Mentioned In The Story Mentioned. Used, Chapter Three, but Cheaptrick, not KSM, but this is how it would sound. The Real band. Mentioned and used for the battle. Used, Chapter Thirty Three. Mentioned. Mentioned. Mentioned. Used Ringtone, Chapter Seven. Used Ringtone, Chapter Nine. Used, Chapter Nine, minor changes in story. Used Ringtone, Chapter Ten. Mentioned, originaly by Bob Dylan. Mentioned. Mentioned. Used, Chapter Eleven, with a rock edge to it. Used Ringtone, Chapter Fifteen. Mentioned, Chapter Fifteen. Used, Chapter Twenty. Mentioned, Chapter Twenty Two. Mentioned, Chapter Twenty Two. Mentioned, Chapter Twenty Two. Used, Chapter Twenty Two. Used, Chapter Twenty Two. Used, Chapter Twenty Seven, minor changes. Used, Chapter Twenty Seven.